Snug Harbor Company was founded in 1992 with the introduction of our first product – Snug Harbor Old World Mustard (see  Products).  The impetus from the beginning was to offer unique and quality based products that were rooted in tradition and were still considered viable today in the 21st. century.

The label for the company is a linoleum cut of a traditional gaffed rigged sloop circa 1860 that I co-built along with the Heritage Boats Works in 1987. As a student of history I have spent many hours researching numerous documents from recipes to unique boat designs that could be recreated and offered as desirable products for today's consumer. It was this interest in history that gave us the impetus to establish Snug Harbor Company as purveyor of "Fine Goods and Wares".

The Snug Harbor Company is dedicated to producing the finest quality goods and wares that are both original in nature yet steeped in history. We truly appreciate your input so please do write us with your thoughts.

Willard “Bill” Dunlap, Founder

Snug Harbor
Purveyors of Fine Goods & Wares